For 110 years, the OSRAM trademark has successfully introduced innovative and rational developments to the global lighting market. At the moment, OSRAM is one of the world's largest suppliers of products and solutions to meet a wide range of consumer requirements - from modules to lighting fixtures and highly efficient light management systems.

OSRAM is fully focused on the topic of lighting, actively helping its customers to make the best choice according to their wishes. The company, which employs more than 33,000 workers in 150 countries, develops specialized solutions to meet the needs of its customers.

High quality and performance standards are decisive for reliable lighting of cars. OSRAM meets these requirements in the entire product line. OSRAM has for many years supplied famous car manufacturers with innovative lighting solutions - both directly for the production line, and for half of all cars produced every year around the world.


OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE products have tested themselves millions of times during ordinary operation. Rely on the quality of the products from the manufacturer of the complecte equipment at an excellent price-performance ratio.

The continued development of products and their reliable, certified quality make OSRAM one of the leading suppliers of light for the automotive industry. Take advantage of the company's experience as a manufacturer of original equipment and use high quality lamps, replacing the car headlights with a ruler of the original OSRAM lamps.

Discover the original range of OSRAM products: reliable car lamps with xenon and halogen technology, warning lamps for universal use, and practical boxes for spare lamps.


The color temperature of XENARC ORIGINAL lamps, reaching 4500 K, is as close as possible to a natural daylight. Such light provides more comfortable driving conditions and does not cause fatigue. Lamps of this line are installed on millions of new cars of well-known manufacturers and are successfully used as original spare parts. Innovative D8S lamps are produced without the use of mercury and consume only 25 watts.

Main advantages

  • Warranty - 4 years
  • Quality of Original Spare Parts (OEM)
  • Impressive brightness and reliability

Safety Information

XENARC Xenon lamps are recommended for replacement by qualified specialists.


ORIGINAL LINE lamps are impeccable performance characteristics that meet all standards of automotive lighting, reliability and economy. These lamps are installed on millions of new cars by well-known manufacturers as original spare parts.

Main advantages:

  • Quality of original spare part (OEM)
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality
  • Wide range of products

OSRAM spare lamp kits

Professional drivers who have a set of spare OSRAM bulbs on board are protected from an emergency search for service stations in the event of lamp failure. OSRAM MINIBOX saves time and money, especially on long trips!

Main advantages:

  • Spare lamps are always at your fingertips
  • The right lamp is easy to pick up thanks to clear markings and illustrations
  • Ability to quickly replace


Xenon and Halogen lamps for car headlights


Signal lamps: Signal LED lamps and LED lamps for interior lighting

LED fog lights and accessories​